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Best Agent Benefits In the Industry

We are very selective of agents we choose to partner with. We’re looking for self-motivated, enthusiastic career professionals who like helping people. If you have high integrity, a strong desire to build a solid career, and a successful background in sales, you might be a good fit.

If that describes you, we may have something to talk about.

So, why are top professionals choosing Keystone to build their career? There are lots of reasons, but here’s what you’ll enjoy if you’re hired by Keystone:


It’s the lifeblood of any successful sales career: Leads!

Keystone will provide you with leads from any source you choose. These leads are free, there is no cost to the agent whatsoever. These are people who have expressed an interest in long term care insurance or other senior services.

Our marketing department gets leads from direct mail campaigns, carrier promotions, and telemarketing efforts. We also do seminars and have other lead generating programs. This keeps the pipeline full at all times and ensures that you always have people to call on.

The training you receive in the classroom and in the field will help you maximize the opportunities from those leads. We want to see you succeed!


Fresh, hot leads won’t make a difference unless you know what to do with them. That’s why Keystone offers three types of extensive training to ensure your success.

Our classroom and field training will give you the foundation you need to start building a solid career. Your product and sales training is taught by sales managers who have had successful field sales careers. They know the business inside and out and can offer you guidance that will cut years off your learning curve.

Finally, we provide you with quarterly meeting training and ongoing field training. Our managers will work with you in the home, helping you get to the next level. And you always have access to our number for answers, even while you’re with the client in the home.

At Keystone, the client is king, but our agents are, too! We’ll do everything we can to help you build a solid, rewarding career.


Your success depends on hard work and following our proven training systems. But you also need to represent the best insurance companies and the best products, right?

Keystone is an independent agency, so we can choose the companies and plans to work with. We have done in-depth research so you can offer your client the best solution to their problem every time.

You can be a true advocate for your client, and feel good about always doing the right thing for them.  It’s also good for our agents–you never have to walk out of a house without a sale because you didn’t have the right product.


A summary of agent benefits wouldn’t be complete without talking about money, would it? Keystone is a sales-driven company, so we reward our agents well. Commissions vary slightly by state, we can give you exact numbers, but know that our commission schedules are among the highest in the industry.

We advance first year commissions to you upon issue, and agents are paid twice per month by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), which helps keep your cash flowing.

And, of course, there are no limits on your earnings. Our agents do very well, and top agents make an exceptional living, especially with…

Vesting and Renewals

Renewals are the beauty (and wealth-building secret) of the financial services business. You get paid when you help a client initially, but you also get paid each year thereafter when they renew their plan! It takes a few years to really kick in, but when it does, you’ll be amazed.

Keystone also offers a vesting program for our agents, so if you decide not to continue your career with us at some point, you still continue to receive your renewal income.


At Keystone, our agents are our most valuable asset. Our agents enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working for an independent agency, with the full support of our home office. It’s the best of both worlds.


  • Marketing support: As we’ve already mentioned, we provide a steady flow of leads at no cost to you! We also give you marketing materials–brochures, selling tools, leave-behind information, business cards, and an agent biography on our website. These are all part of our “Co-Op” program, designed to do one thing: help you succeed in your new career with Keystone.

  • Licensing support: We will appoint you with each carrier, and pay appointment fees to all our carriers. We also assist you with getting certified with all the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. We take care of the paperwork and let you focus on helping seniors and getting your career launched.

  • Administrative support: Finally, we offer you full administrative support, which is like having your own personal assistant. If you’ve ever worked for yourself, you’ll understand how valuable this is!

We process all your applications and send them to the carriers after checking for accuracy. We act as a liaison between you and the carriers. When needed, we intervene on your behalf to get business issued (very important to your commissions.)

In short, we take care of a lot of the pesky details that agents don’t like to take care of! We’ve said it before, but our agents are the most valuable resource we have. We do everything possible to make your job easier, so you can focus on building a successful career.


Yes, the Freedom! The ability to set your own schedule and make your own hours. Being able to take off on a Friday afternoon to watch your daughter’s soccer game if you’re caught up on things.

No worries about the recession or down-sizing (in fact, in our industry, it’s just the opposite!) The ability to give yourself a raise this year if you want. And over the course of a few years, the chance to start building some serious wealth, so you can pursue your dreams.

Our company motto is “The Key To Your Retirement”. It’s meant for our clients, but it could just as well apply to our agents.  Start by clicking on “Apply Now”  (it should take you less than 10 minutes, and will help us both see if you might be a good candidate for the Keystone team.) Your information will be sent securely to a hiring manager and kept strictly confidential.

One Last Thing …

We’re very selective in who we hire, but if you’re a good match for us, you can expect excellent training, high commissions, a steady flow of leads, multiple carriers and multiple product lines to offer your clients customized solutions. And unparalleled home office support. But many of our agents tell us the number one thing they love about being a Keystone agent is the…

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