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The Importance of having Life Insurance

For many of us, death is not something we think about on a regular basis. It’s depressing yet inevitable. No matter what stage of life you are in, it’s worth thinking about what would happen to your loved ones if you were no longer here. Death of a loved one often brings unneeded financial suffering and added stress to those who are left behind. Protect your loved ones by making sure they will be taken care of once you are gone by including a life insurance policy among your assets.

​If you answer Yes to any of these questions, you need Life Insurance.

  • If I died today, would someone in my family suffer financially?

  • Would my family or loved ones struggle to pay my final expenses (funeral costs, medical bills, taxes, debts, etc.)?

  • Do my loved ones depend on me to meet ongoing expenses such as rent, mortgage, food, clothing, transportation, etc.?

  • Would my spouse struggle to provide for our children and their expenses (childcare, clothing, healthcare, education, transportation, etc.)?

  • Do I own a business and want to ensure my family gets bought out of my share?

  • If I am single, do I have a large amount of debt that could pass onto my loved ones upon my death (student loan payments, house payments, car payments, credit cards, loans, etc.)?

  • Has my income, assets or number of beneficiaries changed since I bought my current policy?

If you currently don’t have life insurance or your current policy is older and needs to be updated, now is the time to meet with one of our agents. Rates have come down as people are living longer, making Life Insurance surprisingly inexpensive compared to years past. It’s a good time to review your plan options and determine if you qualify for a better rate. We have numerous providers and plans to suit your needs. Don’t wait to explore your options. A quick review of your current policy could save you a lot of money. If you delay, your health could change, and you may no longer qualify for the type of plan you want.

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