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Young Businesswomen

Your timing couldn’t be better. According to the US Census Bureau, there are a little over 50 million people age 50 and over, and the Baby Boom generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) is aging fast.

These are the people who will be buying long term care insurance, Medicare supplements, annuities and tax-advantaged investments over the next 20 years.

Where will Baby Boomers and seniors go for trusted information on retirement and health care issues? More and more, they’re already turning to independent agencies like Keystone.

Making decisions on long term care insurance and related issues can be very confusing and emotional. People want sincere, honest answers based on unbiased research. They want choices. They want someone they can trust.

Agents at Keystone are more than just trusted advisors. We’re advocates for seniors. We put our clients first and answer only to them, not to any insurance company or particular plan.

A career at Keystone is not only financially rewarding but emotionally rewarding as well. You’re providing a valuable service by giving people peace of mind and securing their future.

We’re looking for self-motivated, enthusiastic professionals who are passionate about helping people. If that describes you, we invite you to learn more about building a solid, rewarding career with Keystone.

Click on Agent Benefits to find out why top professionals are building solid and rewarding careers at Keystone. Like we said, your timing couldn’t be better.

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