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Life insurance will give your family, or your beneficiary, a lump sum cash benefit upon your death.  You select the amount of coverage that best fits your needs.  It’s a simple, affordable solution to the high financial and emotional cost of passing away. The proceeds are payable directly to your beneficiary, income tax-free.


Keystone offers five basic types of life insurance.

  • Term insurance is the simplest and least expensive type of life insurance, paying benefits upon your death.

  • Final Expense is whole life insurance that is specifically to fund the expenses associated with passing away such as funerals, travel for loved ones, unpaid bills and taxes.

  • Universal life allows you the flexibility to guarantee coverage for life and build cash value that can be used to supplement retirement income, pay for college, or maximize what you pass to the next generation.

  • Whole Life has a guaranteed level premium that never changes and builds cash value.

  • Single premium life gives you coverage in exchange for just one premium payment.  The advantage of single premium life is that the policy is fully paid up with no further premiums required.  You’ll also build more cash value than with a plan paid up in installments.

Many plans also contain Living Benefits.  If you end up with a terminal illness or are confined permanently to a nursing home, you can receive up to 97% of the policy’s death benefit.

This money is yours to be used however you desire.  The remainder of the policy is paid to your beneficiary at the time of your death.  This benefit can be included in your coverage at no cost to you (in states where available).

No matter what your age, life insurance gives you a way to protect your loved ones and provide for them financially if you die.  We’ll help you find the right solution for your needs at the best rate.

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