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Caring for those who work for you

Your employees are crucial to your business. Offering affordable and quality benefits is a win-win for your employees and your business.  However, many small businesses are finding it cost-prohibitive to offer employee health insurance and other benefits.  You can offer great benefits to your employees that are affordable for them and your business, and we can show you how.

If you currently offer benefits, there are new plans that can provide the same great benefits your employees already have with significant savings for your business.

If you do not currently offer benefits, there are now alternatives to expensive group insurance that provide great benefits to your employees that can fit within any budget.

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Helping Your Employees Transition into Retirement

Retiring employees face a drastic transition as they move out of the workforce into a new world of possibility. It’s a stressful and uncertain time for them, especially when it comes to choosing the right healthcare options. For most retirees, their insurance needs have always been selected and provided for them by their employers. Now it is up to them to make these decisions for themselves, and many are unsure of what steps to take.

We can help you and your employees through the transition by offering free consultations to your upcoming retirement employees. This gives your company another value-added benefit to offer employees. It reduces the strain on HR who may not have the time or expertise to answer complicated Medicare questions. Your employees now have access to a local, trained, licensed and certified agent who has the expertise and resources to help them understand their Medicare choices.

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