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With the recent changes in the economy, healthcare costs and healthcare reform, many companies and employees are unsure about the best solutions for retiree health benefits. Most employees have always had their healthcare options provided to them by their employers. They are not equipped to make these difficult decisions on their own and still look to their employers for advice. Advice that many HR departments either don’t have the time or the ability to give.

How Keystone Can Help Your Company & Retirement Employees

You can provide a no-cost, value-added service to your list of employee benefits by partnering with Keystone to assist your retirement employees. One of our local, licensed agents can assist your HR department and employees through this complex transition. Agent consultations are always at no charge to you or your employees. Our agents have the expertise and resources to help employees understand their Medicare choices.

Our Smooth Transitions Program is Flexible

The Smooth Transitions Program offers three distinct components that can be used alone or all together to assist you and your employees.

Component 1: On-site Private Insurance & Medicare Resource

Formats include:

Informal Q&A

  • Consultant available in lunchroom, conference room, or other location

  • Answers questions informally, one-on-one, for a set period of time

Scheduled presentation

  • Consultant offers a more formal “lunch-and-learn” or other presentation formats

  • Employees/retirees attend a group presentation and Q&A session

Component 2: HR Support Materials

Your employees have questions, and we can provide informational materials for your HR staff to hand out to employees and retirees in response to Private Insurance & Medicare inquiries. Your employees have questions. With our HR Support Materials, your employees get answers, and your HR staff gains time. It’s that simple!

Component 3: Large Group Transition Support

Do you have a situation in which a larger number of employees will be moving off a group plan? We will develop a custom strategy to help them transition into appropriate individual insurance products in an organized process that meets their needs and your goals.

This service is especially valuable when:

  • A large portion of your workforce retires

  • Retiree coverage has been terminated

  • Employer-provided insurance has been terminated

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