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Attract & Retain Employees with Quality Healthcare

We know you want to take good care of your employees.  It is the right thing to do.  Offering employee benefits has advantages:

  • Attract and retain highly qualified employees.

  • Gain tax deduction advantages.

  • Ensure the wellness of your employees.

  • Maintain a competitive advantage when recruiting.

It does not have to be expensive.  We can design competitive plans around any budget.

Alternatives to Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance premiums are becoming more expensive each year. If you have less than 50 FTEs, then you are not required to offer health coverage. However, under the Affordable Care Act, your employees are all required to have health coverage.

With our innovative software platform, you can offer your employees individual plans they can purchase through your own private marketplace.

  • Employees can purchase individual plans and pay premiums through a payroll deduction

  • Employers can also have the option to contribute funds to the plan, and employees can use them to purchase supplemental coverage such as including dental, accident, and critical illness

  • HSA options are available that provide even more tax benefits to the business and its employees

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